Founded by twins Abigail and Lavinia Bakker, the idea of Goat first appeared from their need for a basic white T-shirt. Although easy enough to find, they found it was a different story once they filtered it down to a white T-shirt that’s sustainable, organic and affordable. What to do when you can’t find what you’re looking for? They simply decided to do it themselves.


“Sustainability is not sustainable if it’s not accessible” – That’s Goat’s motto. This means that the collections must be appealing, its source must be honest, the prices affordable and easy-to-purchase. Once all those boxes are ticked, the result is an ethically produced, 100% organic cotton T-shirt from as little as €17,95.


Over the years, the collections expanded beyond T-shirts. Sweaters, longsleeve tees, joggers and, more recently, their REmix and REcycle collection, always maintaining their ethical, sustainable and affordable DNA as strong backbones.



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